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Draw Me In by Regina Cole

(3 / 5) While certainly a fine read, Draw Me In is nowhere near great. A story that progresses nicely and full of angst and a little pointless drama is rushed in the end, leaving a bad aftertaste. In this

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The Pining of Kevin Harding by Devon McCormack

(4 / 5) Kevin Harding is the newest vampire on Master’s family; he was just a boring teenager when he was turned and now he has to hunt. He doesn’t want to, but he knows he will do as his

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Breakable by Tammara Webber

(4 / 5) Many authors are nowadays taking a great romance book, wiping up a male POV and calling it a second installment. Don’t get me wrong, some of those different points of view really add up to the characters

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Love by Lacey Weatherford

(2 / 5) With flat characters, whatever felt as an improvement in the second book in the series, is gone from this third installment. Cami and Dylan have been married a couple of years when strange things start to happen.

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Nash by Jay Crownover

(3 / 5) With the same MO as the previous installments this third one conquers its premise. Personally, I like the series and I found the romance and level of heat fairly enticing. In this one, Nash, the good, brooding,

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Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

(3 / 5) The second installment of the Finding Fate series goes back in time to show us the somewhat parallel story of Kayla Turner and Daren Ackwood. Remember those two lunatics running around in handcuffs while Pixie and Levi

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