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Rush by Carsen Taite

Rating:  (3.5 / 5) ADA Danny Soto is assigned as a liaison on the investigation of a series of connected murders. She is driven and believes convicting the serial killer will further her career so she is invested in helping

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Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle

Rating:  (3.5 / 5) If you are looking for quick to read, hot f/f action then you’ve picked the right one. These steaming hot three novellas, transports us into a world of lesbian erotica that will get your blood boiling.

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Smoke and Fire by Julie Cannon

Rating:  (2 / 5) Brady Stewart is a firefighter with great material ambition and a disturbing childhood; Nicole McMillan, the CEO of the company Brady works at, has survived hell herself. Both hide behind a smoke screen and like it,

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How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden

Rating:  (4 / 5) Written in a fairy-tale small town that sits close to Chicago, the story of Molly and Jordan captivates the harts and transports them into a sweet and loving romance. Ms. Brayden turns our minds into fun

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Secret Lies by Amy Dunne

Rating:  (3 / 5) With a very fast moving plot and a few good twists, this story about two teenage girls falling in love with each other puts us through a whole range of issues. From teenage drama, to abusive

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Becoming Clissine (Bastia #1) by Anastasia Vitsky

Rating:  (3 / 5) Becoming Clissine is the story of a heterosexual girl in a society that believes female-female and male-male relationships are God’s will. It is a strict environment and anyone who violates those laws is severely punished. It’s

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