How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden

Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Written in a fairy-tale small town that sits close to Chicago, the story of Molly and Jordan captivates the harts and transports them into a sweet and loving romance. Ms. Brayden turns our minds into fun and sweet, and keeps us there through the whole journey.

Molly O’Brien, a lovely bakery owner in Applewood, IL (we’ll get to the town in short, I promise), is still grieving. But after four years, decides it’s time to move on, and start dating.
Jordan Tuscana comes back to Applewood, four years after the death of her sister. She’s caring, fun, and sweet, but has lived in her sister’s shadow her whole life.
When Molly and Jordan reconnect, a spark appears, a fire is lit, and they fall for each other.

Through the ups and downs, the hard and simple, the rock and the hard place, we get to live in Applewood for a little while. All the colorful supporting characters – the Tuscana family, Molly’s Dad, Damon, Eden, Louise, Mr. Jeffries, Little Bobby, Summer Siller, George – are powerful and complete, giving a great idea of what Applewood feels like every day of the week. The way Ms. Brayden portrays Applewood, IL, makes you want to pack up and move halfway across the word to live in the delightful Midwestern town.

The way everyone in Applewood is supportive of all the sexual identities that are portrayed in the story, makes it that the usual conflict (unsupportive parents and townspeople, hateful neighbors, etc.) doesn’t deter from the plotline. This is a romance that happens to be about two girls. That in itself is a great quality.

Ms. Brayden’s beautifully written romance, is set in a delightful quaint town with amazing supporting characters giving us a romance that is worth the read.

How Sweet It Is How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden Published November 19th 2013 by Bold Strokes Books
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