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Hey there you!

I know (I really do) it’s been a few more days than usual since my latest review. That is DEFINITELY not because I was lying around, or going out to party, or lazy. There are two reasons. First, I was (and still am) seriously behind in my TBR list. And second, the app on my IPad decided to stop working and I’ve trying to get it up and running again, which took some time, but it’s finally done!

Ok. So what’s next you may ask?

  1. I have sorted my read books on Goodreads and will be adding a new item in the menu up there (as soon as I figure out how) to my complete TBR list. I’m telling you this because that list is composed of the books I actually have on my hands or on my reader, and are prepared to be read. (And this is for review requests: ) If your book is not there and you submitted it for review, please email the file again (if it was a paperback, it means that either I haven’t gotten it yet or I forgot to add it) and demand that I add it. PLEASE!

  2. It will probably be a few days until I’m able to write and post new reviews. I’ll be leaving for a short vacation, which I REALLY need and I might not have connectivity to post. So please be patient with me and stay put, because as soon as I’m back, there’ll be a LOT to review, since I plan on catching up on reading.

  3. There will be an interview with the adorably funny Mr. McCormack (author of the fabulous Clipped) in May, so I’m preparing that. If you have any questions you’d like to see answered, post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to include them. Just be quick ;)

  4. I will be linking the images on every book information I add on the reviews to the corresponding buying site on Amazon. So if you intend to buy the book, please use it. I’ll use the small income to save money on books, so I can pay for hosting and improvements to the site.


That’s about all for now folks!

Keep in touch! I expect to hear from all of you!

Stay cool and keep reading!

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