Mira’s Miracle by Anastasia Vitsky

Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Centered on age-play, Mira’s Miracle is a story about Mira’s need to accept her kinks and accept herself. When Mira loses a bet to Hana, they embark into a dream vacation where Mira becomes Hana’s little girl. In the Castle, Mira confronts her fears and confusions; she is set up to be a kid, with a nanny, and to be Hanna’s good girl.

Ms. Vitsky develops the plot so smoothly that this becomes a page turner, where we get confused with Mira, soothed with her and punished with her. Greatly written, the story becomes real in our minds and we go through the whole trip trying to guess how and if Mira is going to adapt and accept Hana’s nurturing; we get to feel Mira fighting her daemons and trying to accept her kind of kink while being scared of what would mean to safeword out of the Castle and loose Hana.

I can’t get too into the plot without spoiling, so I will make it short and simple; it is a book to be read and enjoyed, a tale to immerse ourselves and decide how ready we are to face our own fears, and embrace our own differences. It gives us hope that we can understand, accept, and to love whatever makes us who we are.

Mira's Miracle Mira’s Miracle: Masters of The Castle by Anastasia Vitsky Published January 10th 2013 by Blushing Books Publication
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