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As promised by yours truly, we have the amazingly funny and adorable Devon McCormack answering a few questions about Clipped, his new books, and himself.

His book, Clipped, was published April 9th with a beautiful new cover but the same amazing story and writing.

In the midst of his blog tour, he’s granting us his words and we seriously appreciate it. You can check out his stops on this tour at his blog ( where there is also a Giveaway and more info.

Without much more preamble, I give you Mr. Devon McCormack:

Little’s Books: Hey Devon!

Devon McCormack: Hey Joha. Thank you for having me on your blog today. You were one of my first reviews for Clipped, and I appreciate it so much.

LB : Tell us a little about yourself. The last time you went out and partied hard, what did you do? And how long ago was that?

DM: It’s been a few months since I’ve partied. Now that summer has returned, I’m sure that will be happening a lot more, and when it does, you can find me on the dance floor. I love dancing. Give me a beat, and I’m good for the night. If you don’t find me on the dance floor, I’m at my computer, the gym, or the closest Yogli Mogli.

LB: Apart from surfing the web in search for your next boyfriend (yes, I read your blog), what were your muses when you started your upcoming projects?

DM: Thanks for reading the blog! I draw inspiration from everything. For Clipped, it was Mark Twain’s Letters from the Earth. Twain’s Satan was so down-to-earth and reasonable, and for some reason it got me thinking, “What if God and Satan had been ex-lovers and the whole fall of man thing was just post-breakup drama?” And I just started writing. Most of my projects start like that: with an idea that sparks some interesting thought I want to pursue. Right now, I’m working on a cyberpunk book that came about when I saw a beautiful steampunk pic on Pinterest. I got really excited about it and the idea just kept growing into the my latest adventure.

LB: About the young-adult novel that will come out this year. What’s the story? And are you keeping the gore out of it or will it have that similarity with Clipped? I have to say, I loved the gore and the sex and the incredibly funny and wicked characters. Are you going all serious and romantic on this one, or are you still showing us your great funny and gory capabilities?

DM: I love the surreptitious compliments throughout your question. They’re much appreciated. The young adult novel is called Hideous. It’s a modernized, gay version of the Grimm fairy tale “The Handless Maiden.” It deals with demons, but not the kind that I write about in Clipped. In Clipped, they’re the wings and sword sort from Paradise Lost. In Hideous, they’re more like the ethereal, unseen spirits from The Exorcist.

When the main character Luke was eight, his father was possessed by a demon that severed off one of his hands, gauged out one of his eyes, and killed his mother and sister. It also burned its mark into him.

Demons are a constant threat to society, and those who are marked (referred to as curseds) by a demon are more likely to become possessed themselves. Through trial and error, the government has learned that demons are less likely to possess curseds if they are monitored. So curseds are cast into slavery, where they are oppressed and monitored. Some curseds resist by banding together to form underground societies. Not Luke, though. He works at an all-boy Catholic academy, where he watches other guys his age live normal lives. He plays by the rules. He does what he’s told. He believes that this will actually make his life a lot easier, as the punishment for not playing by these rules is death by fire. But everything changes the night the demon that possessed Luke’s father returns to possess him.

As you may have picked up from the blurb, the concept and gore go hand in hand. Flashbacks feature the violence Luke experienced as a kid, and we also see the horrific acts Luke has to watch his demon-possessed self commit. If you thought Clipped was wicked, I can’t wait until you see this demon in action. It’s heinous. Unlike the villains of Clipped, who become evil because of circumstances, the demon of Hideous is inherently evil. Reasoning with it about right and wrong would be like reasoning with a virus.

The story’s not all violence and gore, though. As you saw in Clipped, I like a love story, and fortunately, Luke has some love interests that make the brutality of this adventure a little more bearable.

LB: I’ve read you aren’t a fan of… let’s say (for the sake of any impressionable reader I might have) extremely well endowed guys. So what drove you to write so incredibly big… swords in Clipped, apart from your fear of them? Even if they’re not glorified, they are everywhere. Not that I’m complaining. At all…

DM: I have size-phobia. I’m not exactly sure where it came from, but these…man-swords…just need to be a manageable size. With Treycore, my two-footer in Clipped, the initial idea went something like, “You fall for someone with an impossibly large schlong. What do you do?” The scenes between he and Kid are the answer to that question. And it’s not all fun and games. It’s difficult. It’s complicated. But that’s the way sex is in real life. It’s a combination of pain and pleasure. It’s sloppy. At times, it’s a challenge. I feel that Treycore and Kid’s sex accurately represents the battle between pleasure and pain that most people experience during intimacy. At the very least, it’s how I experience it.

LB: I keep having the same thought over and over again, so I’ll just ask. Did your mom read Clipped? If so, how did you prepare her for that, and what were her thoughts about it?

DM: I think the new dedication for the book says it best, “To Mom and Dad, who must stop reading now.” My mom would have died. I’ve explained an incredibly watered-down version to her. She gets that it’s erotic and graphic, but in her mind, I think she sees it as some sort of Harlequin Blaze book. Sappy…lovey dovey…like two pages of sex before we’re back to the story. My bestie and I are still trying to decide if she can read Hideous. Mom’s not a big fan of gore, and when she’s read previous books I’ve written, she gets really upset about cursing. That should give you an idea of how not ready my mom is for Clipped.

LB: Thank you very much for your time!

DM: Thank you so much for having me on your blog! And thank you again for your initial review of Clipped. It was those reviews that helped me move forward and find a publisher for the book.


So if you want to check out Clipped (which I think you should), here’s the info:

Clipped Clipped by Devon McCormack   Published April 9th, 2014 by Wild City Press
ISBN: 978-1925180084 GoodreadsWorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinderShelfari

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