Infernal Revelation by Michael Coorlim

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

In a quest to remembering (or even being told) what happened in the accident that killed one of her friends, badly hurt another, and left her in a week long coma, Lily Baker will find out a lot more about herself than she was hoping for. With the help of Gideon Cermak, local troublemaker and also adopted, she finds not only a conspiracy to keep things in the dark, but also a supernatural secret that makes them question everything they trusted.

Mr. Coorlim writes a good fast paced prose and characters that are utterly unique, their personalities fully consistent.

I certainly liked the story and the way it flowed; Lily’s discoveries are dropped slowly but without making the story drag, and the surrounding characters compliment her smoothly. As she discovers some of the secrets the adults in her life are keeping from them, she realizes whom she can trust; and that answer is crazy enough, as she begins to really know the people who had been part of her life for most of it.

A good character development makes this one a great read. You can put the whole car accident in the back burner and let it simmer, because even if it’s just the introduction and the reason the characters start questioning things, it makes for a great question mark for the growth of the main characters.

There’s some action stuck in the middle of the YA thriller, that for me was a little unneeded; mostly because the story flowed and twisted perfectly without the burning buildings and destroying houses. I think Mr. Coorlim writes better mystery than action, but that might just be me. Anyway, it was just a few pages and even if I didn’t love it, it really didn’t hurt the storyline that much.

The reason I’m not saying a lot about the plotline is that I don’t want to spoil anything for you; it’s a great story meant to be read cover to cover before you can even begin to analyze these kids who run around clueless for most of their lives and suddenly find out they can’t trust anyone but each other.


Infernal Revelation Infernal Revelation: Collected Episodes 1-4 by Michael Coorlim   Published 2014 by Pomoconsumption Press
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