Hideous by Devon McCormack

5 Stars (5 / 5)

Mr. McCormack (Clipped) seems to find it impossible to disappoint; his incursion into the young adult genre is as compelling and powerful as expected. And so another page turner is delivered in the form of a paranormal fantasy that must be read in one sitting.

Luke Retter, a cursed who witnessed the terrible murder of his sister and mother in the hands of his possessed father, has survived and carries the consequences in the form of a missing eye and hand and the mark of a cursed. The UCIS, a state-run organization that monitors and enslaves the cursed, believes that the cursed are at risk of becoming possessed.
The demon that possessed his father is back and has possessed him, and so he turns to Zack, a deviant cursed that created an underground community for runaway curseds.

Luke and Zack are amazing. We get to fall in love with Luke and his kindness while questioning the saneness of those around him, while falling deep into his insecurities and fears. Zack is two faces of a coin; he is hardened by the world he grows up in and yet kind and sweet. As the story concludes, you will be checking Mr. McCormack’s website as to see if he is planning to give us more about them.

The details in which we learn Luke’s and other curseds’ stories are violent and graphic, and will make your stomach turn in the best possible way. Every time we are told the story of an encounter we get a feel of the powerful pain the cursed endured and how they have to live with that; is excruciating and fantastic all at once.

Mr. McCormack depicts the world Luke lives in descriptively and exhaustingly, and it’s impossible not to fall for the story as we fall into the beautiful confusion while waiting for something else, something worse, to happen.
Dark and insightful, Hideous gives us a view on loneliness and shallowness, and on the consequences of thinking we know everything.

Hideous is beautifully sad and powerful, it’s violent and sweet, and it’s confusing and encouraging. So pick it up and enjoy the ride, I can assure you it will be worth it.

Hideous Hideous by Devon McCormack   Published June 19th 2014 by Harmony Ink Press
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2 comments on “Hideous by Devon McCormack
  1. Thanks, Joha, for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, despite how…different…it is from Clipped. ;)

    • JC says:

      It is different from Clipped. But I loved both. The writing is great and both stories are amazing. Clipped was so refreshing and so amazing, and Hideous is so dark and so violently great :)

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