New Domain!

UPDATE Sept. 2014: As of 2014, the domains have become paid domains. Since we are no longer using it, I decided not to renew it. Which means that the nicely working redirection won’t be working anymore as soon as the domain goes down. 

So if you have the domain bookmarked or saved somehow, I request if you’d be kind enough to update it to the .com domain so you can still access the site. 

I’ll be trying to fix the links anywhere they are posted, but it might be impossible to get to them all, so if you see any reference to the domain, please let me know at the below stated e-mail address. 

That’s all for now folks!


Hello again everyone!
I am pleased to announce that we have upgraded to a .com site.
What does this mean you might ask!?
Not much for you. The old link is redirecting nicely to the new link so it shouldn’t be a problem. You might have to update your subscription if you have one.
For me? it is a big mess!!

I’m hoping this will be good on the long run.

If you have ANY issues, please contact me at

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