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The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

(4 / 5) Exciting and enticing, this dystopia that submerges head-first into the touchy topic of the future of the earth and the environment, treats the possibility of changing the worst of the future and the resulting risks of doing

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Clipped by Devon McCormack

Rating:  (4.5 / 5) With characters that are WICKED and a story plotline that flips away every religious belief existent, Mr. McCormack creates a book that goes through so many genres that is hard to classify. The read, though, is

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Becoming Clissine (Bastia #1) by Anastasia Vitsky

Rating:  (3 / 5) Becoming Clissine is the story of a heterosexual girl in a society that believes female-female and male-male relationships are God’s will. It is a strict environment and anyone who violates those laws is severely punished. It’s

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