Bound by Devon McCormack

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Not as packed with sex as Clipped, but with a higher quota of action, Bound is still the Devon McCormack we all learned to love.

In this second installment, two storylines collide: We’ve got a devastated Kinzer who doesn’t believe he’ll ever find love again, and the mortal Maggie. They team up on the hunt for the Christ and meet the questionable Hayde. Kinzer discovers that maybe all hope is not lost.

Also, Treycore is on his quest to save Kid who, as we remember, was kidnapped and sent to the bowels of hell, courtesy of Vera, Trey’s ex-girlfriend. He finds an unusual ally, Eilee, a beautiful angel and yet another one of Treycore’s exes. Together, they descend into hell and battle God’s earlier creations to get to Kid and save him from Vera’s clutches.

Before I start, I will clarify that I’m already pressuring Mr. McCormack to publish the third installment. Sooner than as soon as possible.

The plot deepens on the flip of religious beliefs and underlines the classifications of the variety of creations that populate all the referred realms. We are faced with the bitterness of creatures that know they are no longer desired and the ignorance of those that are still on the picture.

“We are those creations the Almighty no longer desired, the ones He abandoned. You, higherlings, need no introduction, for we know your kind. {…}”

Characters that introduce us to the reality of biased judgment and the different perspectives of how we perceive such things as paradise.

“{…} I’ve seen what you call paradise, and I know the real horrors of what it’s about. So daydream about your fantasy kingdom all you want, but keep in mind that the reason such place sounds so fantastic and divine is because the only place it exists is in your mind.”

As with Clipped, the characters in Bound are exceptional and WICKED. Mr. McCormack introduces new characters like there’s no tomorrow, and we are met with creatures with HUGE tentacles (yes, tentacles) and heavy sacks with creepy eyes, among many equally unheard others. Yet, it’s not confusing or even neglectful of older and known characters. All the villains are still around and our heroes get their fair share of adventure. Within this story, we also get a lot of flashbacks and data about the past, which provides insightful information on the reasons and reactions we are getting from the developing story.

What I mean to say is that even if the sex-component is a little less present (just a little) the main essence of Clipped is definitely present in this second installment. There’s (a tiny little bit of) romance, a lot of passion and definitely relationships that are worth exploring.

So pick up Bound, fall into all the crazy storylines and explore in deepness the fantastic world that was created on Clipped as you’re carried away through this adventure and get sucked into asking Mr. McCormack, again, for the next installment. Just as I am.


Bound Bound by Devon McCormack   Published September 23rd 2015 by Wilde City Press
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  1. Thank you so much for the review, Joha! You were one of my first reviews, so I’m so glad you were able to enjoy this book, too. :)

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